Sunday, 14 September 2014

It's Coming Along

The building work on my studio is coming along and although it has only been two weeks I am feeling the lack of work space. I am starting to get a bit ragged round the edges and can't wait to move everything back in.

To pass the time I have taken some photos of the build in its various phases.

This is the garage before we started

The first day the builder knocked down the partition wall between the garage and my old studio space,

 started to make the frames for the internal walls and put the floor down.

The garge door was removed and the bricklayers created the new wall

More internal walls and insulation reaedy for the electricians first fix

The loft ladder has been relocated and the new ceiling is in place

 It was wonderful to see the plaster board going in 

And the new windows

The plasterer has been and now the insulation in the attic space is bing installed.
Lots of thick celotex boards should keep the studio warm

Hopefully it will be finished next week and then I can get on with decorating and moving back in.
With all the boxes round the house and the huge container on the front garden it won't be a moment too soon.