Friday, 26 October 2018

Journal Quilts - Windows and Doors.

Last month was a good opportunity to revisit the Attic Window Block as the theme was Window and Doors.

Everyone seems to have a favourite technique and we looked at six different ways to make this traditional block.

These are some of the journal quilts on show this month.

Sue Ives - Composite Door

Chris Hinchliff - Born to Quilt

Wendy Harkness - Winter Window View

Janet Wells - Autumn Fall

Todays lesson has also been an opportunity to catch up on the Message theme where we looked at oil bars, paper lamination, and printing pictures.

Clare Raymond Barker - email to Mum

Bev Mayo - The Postcard

Bev Mayo - Sun, Sea and Sand.

You can see more on Pinterest

Happy Quilting

Friday, 19 October 2018

Journal Quilts - Messages

The Modern & Art Quilt group have been busy over the last few months and I have fallen behind in cataloguing their wonderful journal quilts.

These are the quilts produced with the theme of messages. 
We looked at various ways of adding text to our quilts including paper lamination, fabrics for printing. Stencilling using oil bar paint sticks and adding texture by painting bondaweb with acrylic paints.

Mums Protest Quilt by Wendy Harkness

Sea Fever by Wendy Harkness

Textile Art By Sue Ives

Fire by Chris Hinchliff

My Country in Darkness - Eavan Boland by Kim Fitzgerald

The Postcard by Bev Mayo

Sun, Sea, Sand by Bev Mayo

You can keep up with the group on Pinterest 

Happy Quilting


Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Journal Quilts - Negative Space

The Modern and Art Quilt group explored the use of negative space in design using a plant and floral theme.
This produced some bold and dramatic results as shown in the photos below. 

Positively not Pot by Ann Edwards

Dusk Daisies by Bev Mayo

Plant life by Clare Raymond Barker

Untitled by Kim Fitzgerald

Leaf it Out by Wendy Harkness

Leaf it Out Too by Wendy Harkness

The Chrysler by Sue Ives

Sue chose the dramatic shape of the Chrysler building for her design source and it worked brilliantly.

You can follow the progress of the group on our Pinterest pages

Happy quilting

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Journal Quilts - Geometric Shapes

The Geometric Shape theme has been one of my favourites so far. 
I have enjoyed experimenting with different techniques as it has shown me which I like and with are more of a challenge.

Bev Mayo - Point North

Ann Edwards - Song Sung Blue

Chris Hincliffe - Keep off the Grass

Kim Fitzgerald

Wendy Harkness  - Out of time

You can see more of our work on Pinterest 

Happy Quilting

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Journal Quilts - Still Life

The Modern and Art Quilt group had fun with the still life theme in April, drawing and making collages which were then used for the journal quilts

Bev Mayo -  Empty Vessels.
Bonded appliqué and free motion quilting

Chris Hincliffe - I've dropped my box

Clare Raymond Barker - Sew and Swe

Kim Fitzgerald - Green Tea

Kim Fitzgerald - Red Vase

Sue Ives - All Equipped

 Wendy Harkness - My Favourite Tipple

Modern Art Quilt Group   on Pinterest

Happy Quilting


August Update

The last few months have been quite a whirlwind of activity, mainly due to our daughter's upcoming wedding. There has been much time taken in the planning and creating, mainly the 170 metres of bunting, which became a family production. My sister in Gretna sewed all the triangles together and sent them back to me to sew onto the braid. I don't think I would have managed to get it all done without her help. 

Many evenings have been taken up lacing antique doilies onto hoops to make backdrop panels. I think they have been worth the effort and now just need to be laced together.

  Our son has moved back from London after many years as a chef to start his own business. 
He is putting his expertise to good use and is making the wedding favours for his sister.
His truffles are little pieces of heaven and have not been helping with pre wedding diets. 

We have been trying to keep the allotment going in all the hot weather and have enjoyed quite a lot of home grown veg and fruit.

The patty pan squashes seem to have particularly enjoyed the hot weather and are producing lots of fruit. 
They are doing better than I am in the heat as some days have been so hot that I have struggled to sew, but I am keeping up with my design work and will post another update soon. 


Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Journal Quilts - Circles and Curves Theme

Each month the members of the Modern & Art Quilt group at Tudor Rose show their journal quilts. The theme for March was circles and curves, curved piecing, inset circles and applique circles and complimentary colour schemes. 

The Red Line (a nine patch block) by Bev Mayo

Interplanetary Space by Clare Raymond Barker

Interplanetary Space by Clare Raymond Barker detail

Black Hole by Jon Massey

Black Hole by Jon Massey detail

Inspired by Llubov Popova c1920 by Kim Fitzgerald

Diatoms by Sue Ives

Diatoms by Sue Ives Details

Moons by Wendy Harkness

Moons by Wendy Harkness Detail

Happy Quilting