Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sampling Again

A few more samples which I have been busy on over the last couple of days.
It is always interesting to have a go at new stitches and there are a few here that I have not done before. 
I find that I can quite easily revert back to using just a few favourite stitches,  so having a go at some new ones can be quite rewarding.

 From the top there is  - Whipped Back Stitch
                                    Whipped Stem Stitch
                            Pekinese Stitch
                                 Raised Chain Band
                                       Chequered Chain Band
                                             Double  Herringbone Stitch
                                               Threaded Herringbone Stitch 
                            Guilloche Stitch

  I then went on to play with combining stitches to make patterns which I can use in the crazy quilting. 
I have worked it using perle threads on silk but I think that it would be better in stranded cottons and silks. 

And to finish off I have been adding more flowers to the  small 'hot border' embroidery 

Lots of hand work this week.

Do you have a favourite stitch?


Monday, 10 June 2013

Found Them

Found what?  you may be asking.

Well a few weeks ago I launched a swag bag giveaway on my Facebook Page, RoeMayo Creative Stitches

A mix of fabrics, threads and beads all in lovely Spring Greens. 

No - I haven't lost this bag of lovely goodies. 

I purchased from Bee Crafty some of their wonderful new range of embroidery threads which I promptly put in a safe place. As usual for me, the safe place is the one place I can't find when I need to. I have been known to put the phone in the airing cupboard!

Back to the lovely threads 

They are beautiful hand dyed threads by Chameleon threads of South Africa 
I have chosen two 100% stranded silks, one Perle No 8 and one stranded cotton.

These have been added to the swag bag and if you would like the chance of winning it go to my FB page,  Like the page  and share the swag bag post at the top of the page. 

Don't forget the ACEO giveaway too


Sunday, 9 June 2013

I wish I had done this sooner

It has been a busy week with teaching and getting ready for an exhibition.
I belong to a textile group called Calico, which meets at Botolph Barn in Helpston near Peterborough.
We are having a small exhibition this coming weekend as a prelude to a main exhibition in September at John Clare Cottage, in Helpston.

I have been looking through some of my work and decided that I really should document some of my pieces as it would be a good to have a portfolio. It would also save time when deciding which pieces should be exhibited as all the information would be to hand.

This is the page I have started for the 3D vessel 'If I had Wings' which I have mentioned in an earlier post.

Doing all this cataloging put me in mind of a speaker we had to the Embroiderers' Guild many years ago. She had worked for Norman Hartnell in London and spent time drawing and sketching the outfits that were chosen by members of the Royal Family. She told us that the sketches were kept in portfolios for the Royal Family members to look through when choosing outfits for state visits and occasions. Certainly easier than looking through racks of clothes. 

I wish I had taken note of this and started my own portfolio of work years ago. I am now trying to remember where and when each piece has been exhibited. It is proving to be a bit of a headache but will be worth it in the end. 

Will you be starting to catalogue your work?


Monday, 3 June 2013

Silk Screens

Following the directions on PrintCutSew I have made these lovely silk screens and now can't wait to use them.

Just need to wash them to remove the excess sizing is removed and they will be ready to go. 

Next project is a larger print table.