Thursday, 26 March 2015

Thursday catch up

 My mother has been visiting for a few days, and whilst I have been teaching she has been busy in the studio basting quilts and preparing her next project. This was the first time she had seen the new studio and was thrilled with the space which made layering the quilts up so much easier.

It was also her birthday and I gave her a crazy patchwork shopping bag. One side with lots of embellishment and the other in stained glass patchwork.

Cherry has sent me a photo of her finished mystery quilt,

And Marilyn has finished her quilt top with triple borders. 
Aren't they great.

Lynne showed me these fabulous fabrics yesterday which she has chosen for her mystery quilt. 
I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

My mother also brought with her her first quilt which she started in January 2014. She has only just taken up patchwork and her quilt is fantastic. I have persuaded her to enter it in the 'First Quilt' category as there will never be another 'First quilt'.
As she is entering The Festival of Quilts in August, I think I should too, so have just started my entry. I can't show you pictures yet as it is still at a very early stage in the design. I know I haven't given myself much time but I am hopeful to get it done. I will keep you posted.

Happy sewing

Monday, 16 March 2015

Mystery Quilt - And finally

The mystery quilt blocks are quite a large size (18.5") which is perfect for cushion covers.
As promised here is the simple cushion cover construction I mentioned last week

The patchwork block has been quilted and squared. Also I have sewn the layers together so that it is easier to finish.

For the back of the cushion I cut two pieces of fabric 18.5" by 12.5"

On both pieces of fabric -  neaten one edge, by folding the fabric half and inch over to the wrong side on one of the 18.5" sides, and fold over again. Press and stitch this edge.

Place one of the backing fabric pieces right side together on one side of the quilted block.

Overlap the second piece of fabric to make a simple opening on the back.

Stitch all round the edge of the cushion cover.
Turn the rightside out and add a cushion pad
Place in your favourite spot and enjoy.

Here are some more photos of mystery quilts in progress. 

Cherry has made hers larger and added the borders. She has also told me that she is now quilting it. It is looking fabulous

Marilyn has created these stunning blocks and has nearly finished piecing the quilt. 

I love seeing your work. If you would like to share your quilt on the blog you can message your photos via my Facebook page. ( link below)

Anne from Tudor Rose brought in the chicken she made ( from some very sketchy instructions I gave her ) Despite my poor effort with the instructions she has made this wonderful Easter Chicken all ready to be filled with Easter Eggs.

Isn't he great.


Monday, 9 March 2015

Mystery Quilt - Step 5

The blocks for the quilt are now taking shape so this week it is time to finish the quilt top.

A                            B                            C

1. Take a 10.5" square and cut in half along a diagonal to make two right angle triangles.
Position one pair on each side of the block made last week. Line up the centre of the block and the centre of the long side of the triangle. The trianges are larger than the block as shown. 
Sew in place and press open. 

2.  Trim the excess away as shown below.
Take another 10.5" square and cut in half along the diagonal as before. Position on  the other two sides of the block. Centre as before and sew in place. Press open.

3. Repeat to make the other 4 off set blocks ( 5 in total )

4.Take the four blocks made in Step 3

and arrange them with the offset blocks as shown below.
Sew them together and press open. (54.5" x 54.5")

The quilt top is now ready for borders. The borders can be to a depth of your own choosing but I have added tips on adding the borders.

You may find that one side of your quilt is larger than the other. This needs to be rectified now as if you add borders of different lengths the difference is multiplied and the quilt becomes skewed.

Add borders to opposite sides as you did when adding the corners to the block earlier. 

Measure opposite sides of your quilt top. 
Take an average measurement of the two sides, and cut two borders of your chosen width to this measurement.

Pin at each end of one side and at the centre of the border and block panel. 
Ease between the pins and pin in place. Repeat on the opposite side and sew the first two borders in place. Press open.

Now you will have to measure the other two sides as the quilt has increased by the depth of your borders. Again take an average measurement. 
Pin at the ends of the borders and the centre as before. Ease between the pins and pin in place. Sew and press open.

Your quilt top is now ready for your favourite batting and quilting.

I have just taken a quick photo of the quilt as I was basting it this morning

Cherry has also sent me a photo of her block from last week. Isn't it great.

Next week I will show you the simple cushion construction.


Monday, 2 March 2015

Mystery Quilt - Step 4

The Mystery quilt is starting to take shape with one of the large blocks completed last week. This week we are going to start constructing the second block.

A                   B                     C

For this you will need the 2.5" half square triangles units, and the 2.5" squares of fabric B

1. Take a fabric C half square triangle and a fabric B half square triangle and position as shown. Sew together with a scant 1/4" seam.

2. Take a fabric B half square triangle and a 2.5" fabric C square and position as shown below. Again sew together with a scant 1/4" seam.

3. Press the seams in opposite directions so that they will lock together

4. Place these new units as shown so that all the half square triangle as facing the same way. Lock the centre seam together and sew with a scant 1/4 " seam to make the corner units of the block.

5. Repeat these steps to make the rest of the corner units ( 20 in total )

6.  Now take one of the flying geese units and two of the corner units and position as shown. Sew together using a scant 1/4" seam. Repeat to make 10 of these units.

7. Now take two of the flying geese units and one of the 4.5" fabric C squares. Position as shown with the flying geese facing out from the centre square. Sew together to make the centre strip of the block. Repeat to make 5 in total.

8. This is now starting to look like a nine patch block construction.
Take two of the corner strips and one of the centre strips and position as shown.

9. Sew the strips together to make the centre of the block. Repeat to make 5 in total.

Next week we will complete the construction of this block and start getting the quilt top together.

Cherry sent me a photo of the block she completed last week. Doesn't it look lovely.

See you next week